SM-G988B U13 UD Auto Patch FirmwareSM-G988B U13 UD Auto Patch Firmware

SM-G988B U13 UD Auto Patch Firmware Android 12 By[]


SM-G988B U13 UD Auto Patch Firmware


DEAR GSMFREEZONE Member! Samsung S20 Ultra SM-G988B U13 UD Android 12 Autopatch Firmware,
This Firmware 100% Tested And Fix NG Status.

Autopatch Firmware:,

Samsung Autopatch Firmware For Cert Auto Patch and Network Repair Provides All Easy Fix rom Auto patch Firmware Samsung Fix Rom +Dual Sim Firmware Multilanguage Samsung Auto Patch Cert Reset No Lost Network Samsung Pre rooted Auto root Firmware Samsung Imei Repair and Convert To Global Rom Fix NG Status.

How To flash Samsung S20 Ultra SM-G988B U13 UD Autopatch Firmware?

First of all Download Samsung S20 Ultra SM-G988B U13 UD autopatch the file from the link below After downloading the file,
open it on your desktop Download WinRAR or ZIP software on you pc or laptop install and setup. Again you go to
Autopatch file download location autopatch file you will get WinRAR or ZIP Right click on it and extract a new
file Also for the same method zip. Inside the new file you will find 4 more files also in WinRAR or zip format but
do not touch those files. The names of these four files will be BL, AP, CP,CSC,

The most important thing;

is that the autopatch file you are using should be the same autopatch file, the same autopatch file of your mobile model,
the same bit4 version and the same build number. Otherwise if the bit4 version is not the same then your mobile will not
flash it will get error then it is better to check the bit4 version of your mobile before downloading the file and also
bit4 of the file which is downloading autopatch file. Check the version and build number. If  you have chosen your mobile
autopatch correctly the same bit version and same Build number all done

Next setup


How to flash autopatch firmware?

Download Odin 3.13.1 Samsung Rom Flashing Tool And open the tool. The tool will look something like this


Inside Odin you will find the option to load five files but you only have to load four files which ones to load

No.1 BL File, No.2 AP File, No.3 CP File, No.4 CSC File

How to load file in Odin?

First click BA then it will take you directly to the file manager. From there you have to go to the location of your autopatch file.
Inside that autopatch file you will see BL file. Double click on that file then it will load and Load the other three files in the same way
Turn your mobile into download mode

How to Enter your mobile Put into download mod?

first turn off the power, then if Samsung has an older model, then the method is to press power key + volume down key + home button together,
then something will look like this. Press volume UP will go into download mode

new Samsung models in download mode method Turn off the power of mobile then press volume up + volume down same time connect USB cable
press volume up you Enter to download mod.
Click Flash Start button and wait few minutes after flash Done disconnect your mobile pc or laptop Press power key + volume up key same time
you will Enter to Recovery mod reset you mobile data factory reset again click to Robot and wait same time mobile go to home screen then setup
to start menu All is Done.


Root your mobile:

How to root first of all download same bit version root file extract on your desktop. connect mobile on WIFI Open mobile settings open About section
click software information Tip build number 7 time open developer options Go back to settings open developer options Unlock OEM and ADB USB Debugging
and turn off mobile Enter to download mod and flash root file with Odin tool root file load AP section click start flash done few seconds again
press power + volume up key same time go to Recovery mod reset factory data and Robot you phone and wait few minutes after mobile come back to home
screen again open settings About section tip 7 time build number go back settings open developer options wait for show OEM unlock option allow ADB USB
Debugging and Download the megisk v23.0 version and delete the old megisk, recover root from there then allow to root.

Connect your mobile on wifi and wait same minutes

Open you are mobile settings go to About section click 7 time build number go back to settings Open developer options unlock OEM And ADB USB Debugging
unlock. connect your mobile pc or laptop Open z3x box or chimera tool select you mobile model and click to start Patch Certificate option and wait patch
done old patch remove your mobile auto Restart new autopatch running on phone click Repair option write your mobile legal IMEI Number click to start repair
button and wait few minutes if repair done after your phone auto Restart.

Autopatch Firmware Flash done imei repair done after Reset you phone no lost network.



This Autopatch Firmware Flashing method 100% work all Samsung models
A260G – A260F- A013F- A013- A013M- A015A- A015AZ- A015F- A015G- A015M- A022F- A022G- A022M- A025F- A025G- A025M- A025U- A025U1- A032F- A032M- A035F
– A035G- A035M- A037F- A037G- A037M- A102N- A102U- A102U1- A102W- A105F- A105FN- A105G- A105M- A105N- A107F- A107M- A115AP- A115AZ- A115F- A115M
– A115U- A125F- A125M- A125N- A125U- A125U1- A127F- A127M- A202F- A202K- A205F- A205FN- A205G- A205GN- A205S- A205U- A205U1- A205W- A205YN- A2070
– A207F- A207M- A215U- A215U1- A217F- A217M- A217N- A225F- A225M- A226B- A226BR- A3050……………. more then more models.

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password for zip: CLICKHERE




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